Tuesday May 20th:

Huron Park Turf 5:45pm - all groups U5-U12

Wednesday May 21st:

John Cabot 6:15pm - U11, 7:30pm - U12

Thursday May 22nd: 

Huron Park Turf 5:45pm - U5-U8 and U10

Day LocationStartge GroupCoach Name
Monday 27-May-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU11-U12Mielec /Radek
Tuesday 27-May-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U12Mielec /Radek /Nicole /Marek /Maciek /Daniel
Wednesday 29-May-19Huron Park6:30 pmU10-U12Mielec /Radek /Marek
Thursday 30-May-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U8Maciek /Nicole /Daniel

Day LocationStartge GroupCoach Name
Monday 3-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU11-U12Mielec /Radek
Tuesday 4-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U12Mielec /Radek /Nicole /Marek /Maciek /Daniel
Wednesday 5-June-19Huron Park6:30 pmU10-U12Mielec /Radek /Marek
Thursday 6-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U8Maciek /Nicole /Daniel

Day LocationCoachStartEnd
Monday 10-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU11-U12Mielec /Radek
Tuesday 11-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U12Mielec /Radek /Nicole /Marek /Maciek /Daniel
Wednesday 12-June-19Huron Park6:30 pmU10-U12Mielec /Radek /Marek
Thursday 13-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U8Maciek /Nicole /Daniel

Day LocationCoachStartEnd
Monday 17-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU11-U12Mielec /Radek
Tuesday 18-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U12Mielec /Radek /Nicole /Marek /Maciek /Daniel
Wednesday 19-June-19Huron Park6:30 pmU10-U12Mielec /Radek /Marek
Thursday 20-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U8Maciek /Nicole /Daniel

Day LocationCoachStartEnd
Monday 24-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU11-U12Mielec /Radek
Tuesday 25-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U12Mielec /Radek /Nicole /Marek /Maciek /Daniel
Wednesday 26-June-19Huron Park6:30 pmU10-U12Mielec /Radek /Marek
Thursday 27-June-19Huron Park Turf5:45 pmU5-U8Maciek /Nicole /Daniel

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