Boys 15-17


Players in this group are expected to possess all skills being taught on the intermediate level.
This age group require special attention. After several years of being involved in our sport, these older boy have pretty good understanding of their phisical and technical level and know quite well what is expected from top players in their age group.
At the age of 16, in many soccer advance countries, top players are being transferred to the club academies or even to the top clubs to play with adults.

Unfortunatly - huge majority of these young players is often discouraged and loses interest in continuation of their activities in soccer.
We are trying to avoid such situiation and one of our goals is retention of these older boys and making sure that their involvement is our sport is fun through participation in trainings, organized soccer games in the league and friendlies.

The advanced i skills players will be transferred to the Elite Program depending on their level of sport development. 

Helpful material for learning soccer skills:

The best soccer trick to develop you skills:

Amazing soccer skills:

This is the lettter from  Andrew Seuradge  the coach of the Sheridan College/ University soccer program to our Academy. The players interested in such trials should contact Mr. Peter Polanski.

(...) The reason I am contacting you is because I have watch some of your teams games and there are some players that could play at a College/University level in the future.I am having a camp for boys in August ( high school age 15 - 18 ) that play at a rep level. The camp is for the players to see what training at a College /University level looks like and what coaches look for from players. Its NOT only for players that are looking to play for Sheridan College , it's for players to get some experience of what College /University training would look like. 

Some of the things  the players will see and learn is : 
Possession with purpose. 
Attacking principles and final 1/3 patterns.
Defensive principles.
Game Analysis ( breaking down the game)
Formations : 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-4-2

We will also have a S.A.T company that comes in to talk to the players about school in the U.S.A.. There will be a person talking about schools in the Canada also. The players will be training at the award- winning soccer stadium at Sheridan College Oakville campus.  We Only take 32 players to their camp and it's half full already. It was sold out last year.  

The website is If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me 416 891 4493