About Us

Who We Are?


The Lakeshore United Soccer Academy was established in 2013.

We are a non for profit corporation.

The purpose of the Lakeshore United Soccer Academy is to promote, encourage and develop the widest possible participation, the highest proficiency in the sport of soccer and to assist players, coaches and club executives in fulfilling their goals.


Our Values:

The values upon which Lakeshore United Soccer Academy operates and which it advocates to all its members stem from belief that all acan compete/perform to the best of their ability.

It believes in and promotes, through its programs, the concept of equal opportunity and inclusiveness, fairness and honesty, and expects the highest standars of moral and ethical conduct from all its players, coaches, officials and administrators at every level. 


In particular, it promotes the following concepts:


For Players of all ages:

Hard work and diligent training to develop one's abilities to the utmost

Striving through cooperation for team success

learning how to be confident enough to accept with equal grace both winning and not winning;

rejection of banned/restricted substances and methods or any other means of unfair competition.


For Coaches:

commitment and dedication first and foremost to the needs of the players;

continued striving to improve one's knowledge of the best ways in which to assist in the physical and mental preparation of all players for which one is responsible;

recognition that sport development is only part of the growth of the whole person;respect for and cooperation with fellow coaches, parents, officials, and other participants in the sport of soccer.


For Lakeshore United Soccer Academy, Executive Officers and members of the Board of Directors, staff members and all others associated with its operations:

integrity, cooperation, fairness, diligence, and the understanding that only through their dedication and commitment to the sport can its various members achieve the success for which they strive and which, through their own efforts, they are entitled.


Our Mission:

Knowing that soccer is only part of the growth of the whole person, we strive to provide an environment conducive to the development of the player through training, support and competition. We also aim to build a healthy and vibrant community for our members while building respect for diversity, inclusion and volunteerism at all levels.

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